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WALLSIN Work with Your Ideal

WALLSIN welcomes you to our new website. we are a customer-focused product development firm with design and engineering for motion and drive parts. Our products included motor parts and dirver system: Inductors, Printed Circuit Board.. We have worked with varies design house, automation firm and telecommunicaiton instrument producer to develelop the magnetic system demand from the market place.

  • Magnetic Coils(Inductors / Transformers/ Solenoids)

  • Ferrite Magnets (and assembly)

  • Drivers Boards ( Rigid/Flexible Circuit)

Magnetic coils provide for a wide range of magnetic field testing from 20Hz to 30Mhz. True hole/SMD/Chasis Mount are available. both the cores of TDK/Epcos/Philips, and alternative options are available. The Ferrite Magnets (BH)max 4.0 m Gauss Oesters.the dimensions are upon request. The design of drivers boards with FR4,with < 4 layers rigid boards. while the flexible board 3.93/4mil, 0.3mm min diameter. Assembly /SMT is available, mold and overmould lamintion, the SRD(Steel Rule Die). all are RohS complient.

You are encouraged to contact us with your products requirements and look forward to your comments and inquiries. We promised that reply your inquiry within 24 hours.Our process infuses creative problem solving from initial design research and idealtion through final prototype and part design.

reach us: info@wallsin.cn



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Flat Motors for package industry ( April 28, 2008)
From last July, WALLSIN make a flat motors for seal machine. a turnkey solution for customers, the rotors with bonded magnets, and steel lamination stators…………

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